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The Soffi-Steel System

The Soffi-Steel™ System is today's premier modular steel pipe concealment system, designed to provide a durable, maintenance-free facing that is attractive and quickly installed.

Uses - The Soffi-Steel System is generally used to conceal fire sprinkler and plumbing systems. Institutional for jails and prisons. Commercial for University dormitories and high rise occupancies.

Features - Initially designed for high security purposes, the Soffi-Steel System's clean design and durability make it perfect for use in commercial/residential properties where the aesthetics of the shield are as important as its function. The Soffi-Steel System features the unique Con-Seal-It sealant-retaining groove that assures caulking will be retained.

Benefits - Its special design flexibility is easily adaptable to retrofit needs as well as new installations. The System accommodates all types of sprinkler devices including institutional, recessed and concealed sprinklers.

Unlike plastic and aluminum pipe covering systems, our heavy-duty system has a melting temperature in excess of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Engineered with maximum design flexibility in mind, using a minimum of standard installation parts, it requires minimal field fabrication.

Best Choice - Ease of installation and design flexibility with fewer parts makes Soffi-Steel the smart choice of architects, engineers and fire protection specialists.

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Springfield Medical Center in Springfield, MN was able to conceal sprinkler piping and data wiring with the Soffi-Steel system.

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We were able to eliminate a less attractive plastic concealment system and return the buildings original aesthetically pleasing qualities.

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Soffi-Steel was the product of choice at Central High School in Duluth, MN where sprinkler piping was run in a circular configuration and needed a clean, versatile cover system.

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