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Total Door Systems

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An Expression of Elegance,Grounded in Innovation

With the TOTAL DOOR SYSTEM, you no longer need vertical rods, astragals, coordinators, floor strikes or flush bolts. The TOTAL DOOR SYSTEM, with it's unique full vertical length locking channel and hinge, has the inherent design that provides up to 10 times the normal life. All that plus quieter, more secure function. You can expect these advantages and many more with the TOTAL DOOR SYSTEM.Click for more info

TOTAL DOOR Advantage

Single source

 Door, hardware, frames and installation all from the same distributor source. Better still, our hardware comes pre-installed from our controlled manufacturing facility. This means high quality, less cost and less coordination.

Longer life

 Our full length hinge, full vertical lock, and single operating mechanism exit device is only part of the reason that Total Door enjoys a life expectancy 10 times greater than anything else!

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 The TOTAL DOOR SYSTEM can be installed into any opening providing there is a flat, even, and structurally sound surface (with or without a frame). You can now also retrofit cased frames with double egress doors without changing the frame. Fire labels from 20 min. to 3 hrs. with a myriad of finishes. Traditional kickplates to full height metal cladding.


 The absence of vertical rods, strikes, coordinators and flush bolts provides the clean look of TOTAL DOOR. We simply have an exceptional design that creates a unique, elegant appearance and that is 'THE TOTAL DOOR ADVANTAGE'.


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